Orion Gymnastics Club was founded in November 2013 by lifelong gymnastics fan Dana Lung with the full support of Coolmine Community Centre to promote, support and foster a love for sport of gymnastics in the Blanchardstown community.  We aim to continue the tradition in Coolmine Sports Centre, where the very first gymnastic classes started in 1976 thanks to Brendan Cantwheell. Its main aim was to encourage gymnasts to enjoy the physical challenges of a wonderful sport and to achieve their full potential.

Gymnastics is an excellent way to develop strong bones and muscles, advanced motor skills, flexible joints and aerobic endurance in a fun and motivating environment. Our programs also develop balance, coordination, confidence and concentration. Conditioning and personal development gained through gymnastics transfers well to social activities, schooling and sports. Gymnastics is an enjoyable and memorable experience that lasts a lifetime.


Orion Gymnastics Club is using Gymstart developed program by Gymnastics Ireland which is a progressive level system for use in our recreational programs. This system allows our athletes to track their progress and stay motivated by encouraging skill development in a healthy, fun, and safe environment.


Orion Gymnastics Club is an artistic gymnastics club for boys and girls, aged 4 upwards, training 4 times a week. We have an enthusiastic team of qualified coaches and assistant coaches, who are fully committed to the development of the club.



While we believe in having disciplined, hard-working gymnasts we also pride ourselves on maintaining very positive and encouraging coaching methods to ensure all our gymnasts are happy and most importantly that they enjoy themselves in the gym.


Orion Gymnastics Club is a member of the North Dublin Gymnastics Region and is affiliated with our National Governing Body, Gymnastics Ireland.


We hope you’ll really enjoy and it will help you to discover and appreciate the exciting world of gymnastics

  • Low and High Beams

  • Asymmetric  Bars

  • Floor Bars

  • Full Vault set-up

  • Spring boards

  • Trampettes

  • 4x12 Capeted Floor Area

  • Set of rings


  • Climbing rope

  • Horizontal bar

  • Foam vaulting table

  • Vaulting boxes and vaulting bucks

  • Floor mats

  • Landing blocks and crash mats

  • Training aids and foam block


We continually aim to improve the club and have a high standard of equipment including